The Prophet's Heart

The prophet’s heart has been nurtured by a desire to know God. They’ve come to know that they are being pursued by the Almighty. The taste of what is to come drives them forward and upward towards Heaven. The glamour of the current narrative doesn’t have any resemblance of truth to the prophet. They seem to constantly probe the soul to find the places in their hearts that still having feelings for something beyond their numbness. For the prophet ethics are not up for debate they are absolutes in order for civilization to exist.

Abandonment isn’t some misfortune but a joyous privilege simply because what makes a man or woman of God, is the vision they have for God. The prophet realizes that there is an expensive toll to pay for intimacy, that toll is vulnerability. Because intimacy will require the greatest investment, which is time. It also requires partnership with the prophetic word which makes the community sustainable. Prophets desire deliverance and healing for others because it’s an ambition for excellence. This is the essence of servanthood, the nucleus for self emptying and humility. The prophetic word gives the prophet the opportunity to bring about social change. In other words, because of spiritual apathy there is a deafness in the lives of humanity and a prophet must open the ears of men and women. The prophet must move people from all walks of life to identify the needs of others before culture can receive a true revelation of what it means to have compassion. What the prophet confronts is a culture that identifies with personal wants, more than they identify with the weak.

There’s a society that lives with opposition by intimidation, and that opposition cripples their dreams, hopes and desires. In other words, if the Lord has truly raised us up, then the opposition from men and the demonic influences will not burn us out. It seems that the prophet is the kind of individual that possesses a focus that is much greater than the intimidation of demonic opposition. The need for justice has arrested the heart of the prophet. Because whatever or whoever has arrested our hearts, that is what our lives seem to be engaged in. The prophet will always challenge the worlds views and values. Those appointed to this type of ministry are people of virtue and values, convictions and commitments. They are guided by principle rather than personal ambition, and servanthood rather than being served. Their will has been confronted by a divine burden to build what the Lord yearns to be built.

For the prophet, the erosion of empathy for others is not tolerated. It must be confronted. However this will take an attitude towards others that refuses to degrade or treat people without dignity. Because the prophet has a heart that aches for God, their reward is hearing the Lord’s thoughts. Immersed in the thoughts of God, the prophet trumpets a call for humility to come and see. To know and to be known by the Almighty God.


John Harke Team