The Dynamics of Divine Timing

It’s the ever-present topic or statement heard around every post-service meal table all over the world. How do I make sure I am in right timing with God?

“I just want to make sure that I’m not moving ahead of God” or “I just don’t want to let my impatience get the best of me, after all, we are the microwave generation, we want everything now now now, Bless God.” These are noble intentions and taken at face value, are important considerations when walking in your divine purpose. The best place to be in divine timing is right smack dab in the middle of it, not too far ahead and certainly not behind. This is a world that many Christians find themselves in. Every single decision is weighed with the utmost fear and uncertainty, looking at it in the traditional sense can give someone a complex even if they don’t have one. It becomes the most un-fun tightrope walking performance ever.

What’s even worse is that most are paralyzed out of fear of not wanting to miss God and thus rather than risk doing something at the wrong time, they do nothing at all. (Parable of the servant with the one talent anyone?) The good news is that God doesn’t want you to live this way! God never created you to worry, to fret or to fear. God wants you to prosper and be in right timing with Him in a way that releases you into greater freedom, not fear. This usually happens when we make what is not the issue, the main issue.

The issue of divine timing has very little to do with time at all. God lives outside of time, He is not limited by time nor is He under its control. We see evidence to this when time literally stands still as Joshua and the Israelites need more time to destroy their enemies on their way to the promised land. What’s very important to notice in that story is that God bent the laws of time in order to fit His purpose for the Children of Israel. Timing is a servant of God’s purpose, not a dictator of it.

Likewise, God’s timing in your life is about fulfilling HIs purpose in your life. Divine Timing has very little to do with chronological time at all. Timing is a tool and instrument that God uses to mold us and craft us into something extraordinary. So the next time you are wondering whether it’s time to move on something that God has spoken to you about, consider asking God a different question, “Lord, what is your highest purpose at this very moment, that you want me to partner with?” It’s a small change, but when we ask, get ready to be surprised by the amount of clarity you get in response.

Look for next weeks post on, discerning God’s commands in your life.


John Harke Team