The Key of Intentionality

Isn’t it interesting that when you receive a word from the Lord it seems that everything around you conspires to pull your attention from what was said? Adversity, difficulties, crisis or even just the trudge of the grind of everyday life seem to work in concert to make us lose track of what God has spoken for this season. What this distraction produces is a lack of intentionality for pursuing the Word of the Lord spoken over our lives. This must not happen. There is too much that God wants to do through your life to allow this to rob you of the potential that God has spoken. 

That is why the key of intentionality is so important. 

Intentionality Brings: 

  • A position of purpose and strength 

  • Causes a re-ordering of your life to fall in line with what is truly important 

  • Is a declaration that this is of the utmost value to you

  • Opens your eyes to the doors that are opening to you to walk into fulfillment of what God has spoken

  • Increases your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

  • Eradicates the emotional and strength robbers that are hidden in distraction 

  • Releases joy in the midst of your work 

After reading just a few of the benefits, you might wonder why more people do not choose to be intentional with what God has spoken. The primary reason is that among other things, intentionality is an invitation into the new and the unknown. For most people, they would rather embrace the comfort of the mediocre that they know and can control over the reality of something new. This is a fruit of our fallen nature, and yet while it is understandable, it cannot be allowed to rule how we live our lives. Gideon is a prime example of this, he could have stayed at the threshing floor, providing for himself and his family, but God wanted to use Gideon to provide freedom for an entire nation. However in order to accomplish this, he needed to embrace the new and the uncomfortable.

Embracing Intentionality Means: 

  • Saying no to certain things, people and situations that are vying to be a priority of your time and attention. 

  • Being okay with the fact that people will not understand and may even reject you as a result of this. 

  • Having grace and compassion for yourself because what you will walk into is so new and you will won’t have it perfect 

  • Letting Go of Your Routine 

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone, not just one time, or for a day or for a week, but a lifestyle of eradicating fleshly comfort 

  • Choosing to sit still and take time to listen to the Voice of the Lord 

I encourage you to take a moment of intentionality right now, to silence yourself before the Lord and ask Him to bring to remembrance the Prophetic Word over your life. Allow Him to show you how to walk in it more fully, what to weed out of your life and how to re-prioritize it so that you can flow into the reality of the new that God wants to bring. 


John Harke Team